The money revolution's manifesto

  • Would you like to cancel taxes?
  • Would you like to raise your salary?
  • Would you like to have a fixed-income although you are not working?
We can:
  • Cancel IVA from all the production
  • Deduct and withhold taxes from the pay sheet
  • Establish a citizen income for all the citizens
....and we tell you how to do! You have just to....

1. Read and understand all the salient points of this advertisment.

2. Stop and think:

- Everyday more families with what they earn can't make ends meet;
- Incresing of unemployement makes young people accepting jobs in inhuman conditions and underpayed;
- Neither graduated manage to find a respectable job;
- Precariousness block workers programming their own future;
- It is necessary to fall into debt for all life long, just to have, mabe, a roof over your head;
- Hectic schedules, working extra hours, which has become necessary, impedes parents to grow peacefully their children;
- Also hearth and home are hard put to by the economical matters which causes clash into families relationships;
- Actually retirement pensions does not guarantee the serenity that contributions should have provide;
- Future retired will envy the retired of today.
There's no need to be brave to revolt against this sistem, you have to be brave to accept living on certain conditions of life.

3. Understanding the cause:
"I was out of business, Government was out of business, world was out of business. So, who in hell has the fucking money?" wondered to know H. C. Bukowski just some years ago. Today we can give an answer to the american poet, a comprehensive answer also for those who are not "related professionals" because, as J.K. Galbaraith used to say, studing the monetary system is within range of anyone inquisitive and a bit of cleverness. As the canadian economist says, the economic science uses its apparently complexity of the subject to keep off people from truth; a truth which could compromise the actual status quo because, as said by H. Ford, "if the population would understand how the economic system works, there will be a revolution by tomorrow morning". The statement said by one of the bigger american's businessman is not overdo if we consider that those who have understand the system have been capable to report, on 1993, Ciampi and then Fazio, who were at the time Bankitalia general governors, for fraud, usury, criminal association, Fraudulent Accounting
and inducing suicide. We are talking about Giacinto Auriti, university professor in the Univeristy of Teramo, who died on 2006. Prof. Auriti discovered something incredible and tried to spread the notice by any means. Unfortunaly the massmedia managed to boycott his research work which today can be found just in the Web. The legal practitioner understood that money we have in our pockets is not really ours as the central bancks, when issues it, gives them to us on loan. "Lend" is a privilege of the owner so the central banks are the owners of all the currency as they have the monopoly of this "goods". Indeed, money is not so different than any other goods as it has a cost of production as pens or apples does. Printing a bill costs few cents. That's why Aurito asked himself: what allows the increasing of the value of a merchandise from a few cents to 100 euros (in the instance of a 100 euro's bill)? In this way he discovered the induced value of the money: euros are nothing more than simple pieces of paper printed by banks without having any gold reserve behind (abolition of the terms of Bretton Woods, 1971) and gains value because the community, for convinction, decides giving it value. So, it is the population who gives the value to the money but the banks are the ones who, by releasing and lending it, by misappropriation, also charg it with interests.
Every day, unaware citizens are forced to pay taxes in order to settle the interests of a debt which should neither exist and every year thousand of companies became bankrupt as our straps gets tighten while international bankers blow up.
Do you understand now why we are all in bankrupt and where a hell our money is going?

4. Understanding the solution:
Currency is the unit of measurement of the value as the rule is the unit of measurement of length.
Every unit of measurement has the virtue of the quality that will be measured; as the rule has the quality of length, the same way currency has the value
There are two types of richness: the real richness (objects, manufactured articles, consumer goods) and the monetary richness (the quantity of currency needed to measure the real richness).
Let us make an example: if nowadays in the world there are real material values equal to a billion of Euro, in the world there should be a billion euro in currency. (PN: not a billion and one hundred millions otherwise there will be a run out of money to buy goods that will inevitabily be unsold.
In order to create the real richness it is necessary to work while to create monetary richness there is no need to work at all.
In order to create the monetary richness the only thing needed is to make that every single citizen accept, by thought, to give value to some pieces of colored paper.
From this we can infer a paradoxical obviousness: while real richness is owned by who creates it working, monetary richness is owned by all the ones create it by accepting it.
Coming back to our example, if a billion of real goods is proportionately distributed between the workers, a billion euros should be proportionately distributed to every single person.
At the present time the billion euro is distributed only to the owners of the central banks who then lends it to the citizens, borrowing with something that should be them!
We want just what is rightfully ours!
We dont want bankers to be any more the owners of the richness produced by all of us!
We dont want to be charged anymore for that richness!
We want to have equally distributed to every citizen that richness as a Citizen Income without making any distincions of race, gender, color, language, religion, political ideas or other sort, as national or social provenance, richness, birth or other condition!

5. Summarize:
Every State, by constitution, is sovereign in its territory. Actualy every state has surrendered its monetary sovereignty to the issuing Central Banks..
The reappropriation of the monetary sovereignity would mean erasing the illegal public debt and takeing hold to the income arising from the issue of currency.
Wiping up the public debt would mean erasing most of the taxes that we pay nowadays in order to balance the accrued interests on the debt.
Taking possession of the income deriving from the currency issued would mean introducing the monthly Citizen Income for every human being. Pay attention, we are not talking about an income that will allow you to "live up", we are talking about an income that will allow you to survive because every civilized country must and can assure the right of life to its own citizens (to live we must drink, eat and take refuge of cold weather and to do this we need money). By the other hand, from the Citizen Income, could be withold the necessary taxes needed to the State in order to guarantee the public services, which nowadays are almost abandoned (and privatized) due to the oppressive pressure of the debt.

6. Take to the streets. :
Every saturday and sunday, from the 18th of June 2011, we will meet up in the main squares to protest.
We invite you to participate in order not to allow anymore to the media to ignore us, so that the judiciary bench and who it may concern decide, finally, to look after the biggest Planetary fraud, so that the authorities start, for the first time, to take care of the welfare of their own citizens and stop defending international criminals hiding into the Central Banks.
Our action is completely NONPARTISAN and PEACEFUL. We DISOWN actual politicians and any sort of VIOLENCE.
Our action will continue to the end till we will obtain what we are asking for.
We are not asking so much, we just want to have back what is purs by right, we just want to have the possibility to live a respectable life, we want just to be handled as the human beings we are.


PLEA TO THE SECURITY FORCE: We do not have the intention to cause any trouble to the public security or create a disturbance. We are not having fun spending our rest days taking action in the squares, we would like better to spend saturday and sunday with our families. But it is almost for them that we are trying to do something to improve the situation. We want to give a respectable future to our beloved sons but also to yours and peacefully we will try to do it. Uniforms and tags are done to divide but the reality is that we are all ONE and, actually, we are all slaves of the international bankers. This awareness, more than any other, should make us join together. Sure of your comprehension/cooperation, we thank you.